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Citgo Sign
Kenmore Square, 1940/1965/1983

"London has Big Ben,
Paris has the Eiffel Tower.
Boston has the CITGO sign."

"Where is Kenmore Square?" The easiest answer would be "Follow the Citgo Sign." Like the proverbial Holy Grail illuminating the sky in a Monty Python film, the Citgo Sign is a beacon to those seeking Fenway Park or Kenmore Square. Obvious during the day, it is even more brilliant at night with the computer-controlled neon icon of the fens is lit from dusk until midnight by more than five miles of neon tubing.

The sign was originally built in 1940, and the neon was added in 1965. It is one of the largest signs in New England. The double-faced symbol measures 60 feet by 60 feet -- as big as an Olympic-sized pool.

It has withstood the test of five hurricanes, but almost lost its perch in 1983 when Citgo decided to dismantle it. Thanks to group of concerned citizens who petitioned the Boston Landmarks Commission, the sign was saved. Although the sign was not officially designated as a "landmark," the outcry to save it motivated CITGO to refurbish it. On August 10th, 1983, the sign once more signaled to the world this is Boston. This is Kenmore Square. This is visible on TV when someone hits a homer over the left field wall at Fenway Park.

Citgo provides a screensaver (PC) for those who cannot get enough of the Back Bay blinker.

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