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The AIA Guide to Boston


Newcomer's Handbook for Boston, 2nd...

  This is the field guide to Boston. It is comprehensive, easy to carry, and has neighborhood maps of the city's architecture.   Check it out before you move and you'll end up just where you want to be when you get here. Or read it after you've already moved to find out more about what resources surround you. This book has been helpful to several of my friends.
  Boston's History Through Maps  
Get a map handy, you'll be
glad you did
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Mapping Boston

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Flashmaps Boston (2nd Edition)
  The book includes both historical maps of the city and maps showing the gradual emergence of the New England region from the imaginations of explorers to a form that we would recognize today. Each map is accompanied by a full description and by a short essay offering an insight into its context. The topics of these essays by Anne Mackin include people both familiar and unknown, landmarks, and events that were significant in shaping the landscape or life of the city. A highlight of the book is a series of new maps detailing Boston's growth.  

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