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August, 2005

Hello and thanks for visiting iBoston.org -- the free source for detailed information about Boston's history and architecture.

This site started out as an online companion to a series of walking tours I conducted in Boston. Evenutally I found that far more people were enjoying my online writing than my in-person explorations. Shortly after writing the daily history facts you see on the front page, I was invited to develop that Massachusetts State House's history site.

My friend Brandon Lovested encouraged this project, and has contributed a great deal of editorial, engineering and design expertise to improve iBoston. Thanks.

For more information about my practice as a web strategist and developer, please visit WienekeAssociates.com. My family and professional life leave little time for developing new content for iBoston. If you'd like to share you interest in the area's history and architecture, or talk about what you've seen here, please use the form below.

Thanks for visiting.

- Dave Wieneke

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